Curriculum Choices (Dec 2018) + 5 Reasons to Plan by the Month

My favorite way to plan for homeschooling is by the month. For high school, I usually plan by semester (after making an overview of the year) but from there, breaking things down into monthly plans is what I like to do, for both big and little kids.

When I plan by the month, I find there are many benefits. Here are five of them:

  1. I’m giving resources a chance but we’re not locked in. If we love it, great! We’ll continue to use it (which I can usually tell within a few consistent weeks of using) but if it not, we’ve only invested a month.
  2. I am able to be creative and try out different techniques I’ve discovered or come up with. There is SO MUCH out there that I want to try with my kids! The resource choices and educational ideas are countless. Planning by the month gives me more freedom to explore.
  3. I can “see” our educational journey more clearly. Instead of having a mixture of resources and curriculum tried out randomly throughout the year, a monthly schedule helps to keep everything from blending.
  4. I associate months with units and resources. I can look back fondly on time periods with clarity.
  5. I find it easy to plan for individual weeks once the monthly plan is done because I’m not overwhelmed with curriculum possibilities. It can become too much if we’re not careful – and also expensive! Allowing myself monthly options but not daily (!) options keeps me better focused.

And now onto my boys’ (14 and 7) school plans for the month of December, which will actually only be three full weeks due to Christmas break.

– Samuel –

spelling notebook
math worksheets
illustrated calendar journal
sight words
phonics worksheets
Peter Pan read aloud + language arts activities

– Joshua –

Biology 101
Holt Health
Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra
Compass American History
Personal Journal
Chapter books of choice
DDS Drivers Education

Curriculum Choices

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