The New Swing, Expressing Discomfort, and Getting Invited to the Prom

We weren’t very happy with the therapy swing so we bought a different kind. We actually got a basic baby and toddler swing this time and it is much better. Stephen and Joshua had to make an attachment for the swing stand/frame which took most of Saturday afternoon but it’ll be worth it if the … Continue reading The New Swing, Expressing Discomfort, and Getting Invited to the Prom

Elizabeth’s Story | Birth to 2½

Elizabeth was born on her due date. My labor was quick and everything was advancing but her size and position ended up sticking us in the operating room with me having my first c-section. She was healthy and beautiful. With the exception of a few rocky first days of breastfeeding, everything was perfect. When she … Continue reading Elizabeth’s Story | Birth to 2½

A Job Interview, Learning to Walk, and the Photo that Made Me Cry

Maggie went and applied at a clothing store yesterday morning, and in the afternoon she was asked for an interview on Monday! I'm so excited for her, this job would be perfect! Eek!! As I've mentioned before, Elizabeth has some intense issues with her little sister. No aggression or hostility, but tons of fear and … Continue reading A Job Interview, Learning to Walk, and the Photo that Made Me Cry

Cruising, Co-Sleeping, and Getting Sick?

Isabella has been crawling and pulling to standing since the end of November, but she just started cruising along the furniture which means walking isn't too far away. She has great balance and I'm actually surprised that she hasn't already been walking but she does her own thing. She is back to sleeping with me, … Continue reading Cruising, Co-Sleeping, and Getting Sick?

Surgery Day and No Sleep

I’ve been putting Isabella to sleep in her crib again for the last three nights. This following over two weeks of co-sleeping. She’s been teething and learning to crawl which has made sleeping nearly impossible. But a handful of nights ago, co-sleeping got bad, with neither of us getting much sleep. And on Sunday night … Continue reading Surgery Day and No Sleep

Christmas Cookies and Screaming

I made Christmas cookies with Samuel yesterday. I had forgotten just how much arm strength is needed for dough made with butter! They turned out cute cute and yummy. We may have overdone it the sprinkles but hey, it’s Christmas. 😉 I was relieved and impressed last night when Isabella learned the word/sign for “ball” … Continue reading Christmas Cookies and Screaming

Speech Therapy and Baby Poop

I called and scheduled checkups for Elizabeth and Isabella. Elizabeth's will be her 30 month visit at the end of this month, and Isabella's will be her her 12 month visit at the end of next month. I am nervous about Elizabeth's, mostly because I am uncertain how I want to handle it. Do I … Continue reading Speech Therapy and Baby Poop