Neurology, Trader Joe’s, and Hearing Back from Lekotek

Stephen has numbness in his thumb and three fingers (his pinky is unaffected) on his right hand so his orthopedic doctor sent him to see a neurologist on Wednesday. Unfortunately, he got poked and prodded a ton, and was quite uncomfortable while his nerves and muscles were being checked. We don’t know much from that … Continue reading Neurology, Trader Joe’s, and Hearing Back from Lekotek

Driving Practice & Physical Therapy

I took Joshua to practice driving yesterday in a nearby neighborhood and he did fantastic! He really seems to be calm and focused while driving, much more like an experienced driver than a beginner. He relates his ability to focus on driving to how he feels when he's playing on his PS4. He is quite … Continue reading Driving Practice & Physical Therapy

Asparagus and a Broken Wrist

I went grocery shopping on Thursday morning with Joshua and Elizabeth. It went great and left me feeling really encouraged. In the afternoon, I took Samuel and Isabella to the zoo. We had a really nice time although it was pretty chilly! Samuel had fun making a Christmas ornament and a homemade card at one … Continue reading Asparagus and a Broken Wrist