The New Swing, Expressing Discomfort, and Getting Invited to the Prom

We weren’t very happy with the therapy swing so we bought a different kind. We actually got a basic baby and toddler swing this time and it is much better. Stephen and Joshua had to make an attachment for the swing stand/frame which took most of Saturday afternoon but it’ll be worth it if the … Continue reading The New Swing, Expressing Discomfort, and Getting Invited to the Prom

Story Builders & Taking Off Her Necklace

This afternoon, I took Samuel to the library for some building fun. He and probably ten other kids had a good time using legos, magnetic blocks, wooden boards, and straws with connectors. He and a few of the boys worked on a skyscraper. 🙂 He wants to go back next week. Elizabeth took off her … Continue reading Story Builders & Taking Off Her Necklace

Curriculum Choices | Feb 2019

In February, I am continuing to focus on math and reading with Samuel while Joshua moves on from health and finishes history.  He is liking the grammar series and he's a few months away from finishing Pre-Algebra. – Samuel – spelling lists math worksheets and activities personal journal library books phonics worksheets – Joshua – … Continue reading Curriculum Choices | Feb 2019

The Dentist, Wisdom Teeth, and Walmart

Yesterday morning, I had a dental appointment. It was a catch-up appointment, for sure. With all the years of pregnancy and breastfeeding, I have not been able to have the work done on my teeth that I would have liked. Isabella is close to weaning (during the daytime, anyway) so I am looking at the … Continue reading The Dentist, Wisdom Teeth, and Walmart

Fernbank, Kroger, and Master Prestige

I took Samuel and Isabella to the museum of natural history yesterday afternoon. We had fun! We explored the trails outside and looked at huts that were reminiscent of childhood play. Inside, we went to the kids’ room and the science experiments exhibit. We also visited the cafe and the gift shop. When we got … Continue reading Fernbank, Kroger, and Master Prestige

Therapy Swing & A New Prescription

I took the boys to Joshua’s eye appointment this afternoon. He hasn’t worn his glasses much in the last few years because his old doctor told him it was his choice. Unfortunately, his vision has changed and now he needs a stronger prescription. Thankfully, Samuel doesn’t need glasses. Also, today Samuel ate apple slices with … Continue reading Therapy Swing & A New Prescription

Back to School and Goofy Girls

With Stephen back to work this week, I found it felt more normal to do lessons with the boys. I’m not saying it was easy but it felt normal. Isabella’s almost one! She is a little character, crawling everywhere but now also walking a fair amount. She loves a few specific toys and one of … Continue reading Back to School and Goofy Girls