Music and Speech Therapy Disappointments

I took Elizabeth to music therapy on Tuesday and speech therapy yesterday. I was so excited to be getting her into some activities that would hopefully be positive additions to her life. My main goal was to involve her in things she would enjoy (if learning happened as well then that was just a bonus). … Continue reading Music and Speech Therapy Disappointments

Therapy Swing & A New Prescription

I took the boys to Joshua’s eye appointment this afternoon. He hasn’t worn his glasses much in the last few years because his old doctor told him it was his choice. Unfortunately, his vision has changed and now he needs a stronger prescription. Thankfully, Samuel doesn’t need glasses. Also, today Samuel ate apple slices with … Continue reading Therapy Swing & A New Prescription

An ADHD Diagnosis and Autism Wait Lists

Joshua’s appointment went well yesterday morning. After talking to the doctor about everything, she had me fill out something called the Vanderbilt questionnaire which helps in diagnosing ADHD. And just like the questions I found online myself, EVERYTHING matched him. Well, that’s not true. There were a number of questions that related to being violent, … Continue reading An ADHD Diagnosis and Autism Wait Lists