Neurology, Trader Joe’s, and Hearing Back from Lekotek

Stephen has numbness in his thumb and three fingers (his pinky is unaffected) on his right hand so his orthopedic doctor sent him to see a neurologist on Wednesday. Unfortunately, he got poked and prodded a ton, and was quite uncomfortable while his nerves and muscles were being checked. We don’t know much from that … Continue reading Neurology, Trader Joe’s, and Hearing Back from Lekotek

Story Builders & Taking Off Her Necklace

This afternoon, I took Samuel to the library for some building fun. He and probably ten other kids had a good time using legos, magnetic blocks, wooden boards, and straws with connectors. He and a few of the boys worked on a skyscraper. 🙂 He wants to go back next week. Elizabeth took off her … Continue reading Story Builders & Taking Off Her Necklace

Music and Speech Therapy Disappointments

I took Elizabeth to music therapy on Tuesday and speech therapy yesterday. I was so excited to be getting her into some activities that would hopefully be positive additions to her life. My main goal was to involve her in things she would enjoy (if learning happened as well then that was just a bonus). … Continue reading Music and Speech Therapy Disappointments

Rice Table, Walking, and His First Drive-Thru

We bought a sand table back in the fall to use as a multi-purpose table for the girls. We’ve done different things with it but the favorite activity, which is enjoyed by Elizabeth (and both boys when given the right circumstances!) is rice play. She loves it! But the problem is that she gets bored … Continue reading Rice Table, Walking, and His First Drive-Thru

Autism Evaluation

We got to the psychologist’s office about fifteen minutes early on Thursday afternoon. Elizabeth was happy because I’d told her she was going to get to play with toys. The waiting room was a challenge because she was not interested in sitting down or waiting for Dr. C but at least she didn’t get hysterical. … Continue reading Autism Evaluation

Elizabeth | 31 Months

This is an update on our sweet daughter, Elizabeth. She is more than likely autistic (we’re going through the evaluation process currently) and has sensory issues and rigidity, but is otherwise healthy and happy. She jumps a lot. She jumps when she is excited, when she's happy, when something is funny, when she's mad, when … Continue reading Elizabeth | 31 Months

Elizabeth’s Story | Birth to 2½

Elizabeth was born on her due date. My labor was quick and everything was advancing but her size and position ended up sticking us in the operating room with me having my first c-section. She was healthy and beautiful. With the exception of a few rocky first days of breastfeeding, everything was perfect. When she … Continue reading Elizabeth’s Story | Birth to 2½